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Danielle Bunch

Danielle Bunch

As an arts professional, I prioritize my own learning and un-learning to better address the systems within the arts, education, and those intersections to respond with evidence-based solutions. I strive to establish a reputation as a collaborative and empathetic leader who is driven by helping others within the arts and education. I use the privileges I have to create space and autonomy in arts education and the professional theatre industry for all, centering conversations around accessibility, and advocating for professionalization and community to coexist.

As an educator, I’m dedicated to exposing students to diverse expressions beyond the Western canon, so that they feel represented and valued. I want all students to have equitable and inclusive access to the arts. I’ve frequently led workshops for peers, presented at district-level professional learning communities, and state-wide conferences. I’ve facilitated a flipped classroom environment and implemented student-led project-based creation through cross-curriculum activities. I’m highly experienced with underserved and socioeconomically disadvantaged student populations, as well as English language learners from all over the world.


Age Range: 26-35
Gender: I identify as Female
Select Union: Non-Union
Height: 5' 3"
Ethnicity: Black
Hair Color: Brown

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