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Ace In Spadesz

I am a medically retired Navy veteran. “Committing to excellence” was part of the U.S sailors creed that resonated with me the most. I strive to give it back 110%.  As humbly as I can, I want to say my strengths are going for it and giving my all even if I may not be the best in the room. I am not afraid to fail or be “that guy” to ask questions if I don’t know or understand something. Singing ,acting, dancing, stand up comedy , improv comedy playing, piano and guitar. The best way I believe to give back is to  give it my all, and inspire others to do the same. Performing arts is my new passion and purpose. I take pride in preparing to give my best performance. My training has been through Grossmont colleges theater department,  music department and dance department. Along with some classess at Southwestern college and Mesa college. I’ve been a part of Grossmonts vocal Jazz ensemble since 2021 and have gone under classical training since then. At my time there, since  I have done 6 classical recitals, 15 performances with vocal jazz, 1 solo, 2 stand up showcases,  several classical scenes, 4 musical theater show cases, directed one act for the stage,  one musical theater review/showcase as a production, and two Shakespeare plays at different colleges.  My first play was Midsummer Nights Dream as Thesus and I just finished Hamlet. I thought it was time to try to my hand in the professional world of theater and share my talents ,the fruits of my labor , and my military ... view more »


Age Range: 26-35
Gender: I identify as Male
Height: 5' 10"
Ethnicity: American, Black
Hair Color: Black


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