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Manny Cardeiro

The thrill of discovery and creating something original is what I truly love about acting.  Building something off of an idea in your mind and then bringing it to life is an excitement incomparable to anything else.  Diving into the mindset of a character that is from another world or from a world so close to yours that it scares you is why I find the creative process of being a part of films and plays so exhilarating.  Acting, to me, is so much more than a passion.  Acting IS an obsession.  I am obsessed with creating and discovering what new and one-of-kind characters I can tell stories with, and the masses of viewers that I can and will inspire, like the screen and stage legends before me.  Acting is my path and I know I will discover many wonderful, eye-opening, breath-taking, heart-pounding, and truly memorable moments along this journey.  Acting is my destiny.


Age Range: 26-35
Gender: I identify as Male
Select Union: Non-Union
Height: 6' 4"
Ethnicity: Black, Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown

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